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For those who wonder

I'm a Bayern & Die Mannschaft fan . But I also like Real Madrid, BVB, Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Lazio, Arsenal, & Tottenham (yes I like both Gunners & Spurs, problem? ). But I do post & reblog about almost every football hottie on this planet without caring for what team they play .


What if our exams were like this … ? 

Q1- Define each one of these (10 pts) :











Q2- What is the difference between (5 pts):

-CrisKa & CrOzil?

-SchweinsKi & SchweinEz?

-BenZil & SerZil?

-NeuEz & MullEz?

-HoMmels & HuBotic?

Q3- Wright a short paragraph telling your opinion about each one of these (3 pts):



Q4- Bonus Q: Answer either A, B or C (2 pts):

Who is Better?

A-Lisa Muller or Mario Gomez

-Silvia Meichel or Thomas Muller?

B-Iryna Shayk or Ricardo Kaka?

-Caroline Celico or Cristiano Ronaldo?

C-Monika Puchalski or Bastian Schweinsteiger?

-Sarah Brandner or Lukas Podolski?

Good Luck :D

Borussia Monchengladbach’s Marco Reus & Mike Hanke doing Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide a free kick back in november 2011

Football is way more than kicking the ball … 

Sometimes, it’s about slapping some asses …

Or maybe just showing them …

Asses here, asses there !Asses everywhere! … & just when u think Robben will take his shorts off …

Or Nesta is going to do us this great favour we always wished somebody would do ….

BOOM …. ! nothing happens :((((

But then everything starts again. this time from top 

But Edin just can’t wait till they get to the dressing room

Did somebody just say dressing room ?

& then they all get tired …

& then … well u know …

Iker tries to find Sarah between the crowd 

Cris sends a little wink to his lovely Irina 

Jesus can’t wait to get back to his pregnant wife

& Fernando … well I dunno but in case he’s available it will be my pleasure to fill that role in his life :D


"Ai Se Eu Te Pego" seriously envading world’s football pitches…FIFA should do something about it