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For those who wonder

I'm a Bayern & Die Mannschaft fan . But I also like Real Madrid, BVB, Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Lazio, Arsenal, & Tottenham (yes I like both Gunners & Spurs, problem? ). But I do post & reblog about almost every football hottie on this planet without caring for what team they play .

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never gets old

Sergio Busquets was showering, suddenly fell on the floor, raised his hand, & guess what? Yep ! he earned a penalty ! 

Awkwardness spam  

What happened today in Real Madrid’s game is a scandal by all means . Seriously, spanish referees suck . 

Crackovia - Pepe singing "Ai Se Eu Te Piso"

"Dear Abramovic, every portuguese is no Mourinho"

- Issam Al Shawwaly (Al Jazeera commentator)

10 photos from the life of MOU

tagged as: #Jose Mourinho #Real Madrid

Alves & Abidal dance 


The police should seriously arrest Mourinho . Ozil for 15 millions was pretty much a steal 

tagged as: #Jose Mourinho #Real Madrid

tagged as: #Jose Mourinho #Real Madrid

tagged as: #Jose Mourinho #Real Madrid

oops ! cracked !